Borough Beat

Episode 15:'s Editor tries to asses all the Tom Cruise, topless, return to sender goodness from the final St. Barth's episode.

on Sep 10, 2012

A S—t F—king Fest

Onwards and upwards, the gang makes it to Le Tamarind for lunch. Carole tries to diffuse the tension with a little toast, but as quickly as she says “compassion” Sonja is decrying that she’s been going to the restaurant for 18 years, LuAnn is off to meet her friend that owns the restaurant, and Ramona is, unclear. . . getting up to go to the bathroom? No one is seated for more than 10 minutes at this lunch. Why sit? Just get up and amble about until you think someone is done being mad at you.

Heather does her best to summarize: “You can’t dig deep here, you’re going to hit rock.”

Maybe just order the lobster Lu-style and try to enjoy yourself. . .

Of course the subject they move to is plane crashes, which dredges up painful memories for Carole, sending her sniffling from the table. She comes back, briefly, and then she and Aviva take a moment to discuss. While she’s away another drama erupts. Heather finds out about couple’s dinner. While LuAnn, Ramona, and Sonja are taking this in stride (well, stride here is defined by Ramona giving the double bird), Heather thinks this is utter garbage. And guess what happens then: she gets up from the table and storms off. Can no one sit down? Are there not seatbelts for this godforsaken restaurant!?!

Also Ramona has diarrhea everybody.