Borough Beat

Episode 15:'s Editor tries to asses all the Tom Cruise, topless, return to sender goodness from the final St. Barth's episode.

on Sep 10, 2012

Just Girls
After Carole and Heather have a calming chat and swim, things are looking up. Sonja is getting her flirt on with the chef, while Aviva stands by awaiting details on this couple’s dinner. The proximity between them was just too great, and thusly another fight breaks out. Sonja, is sandless at this beach and plans to remain that way. She won’t be encumbered by a bunch of people’s husbands. And she won’t stand for Aviva calling her a double-dealer.

Yesh. . .”Return to sender” never sounded so curt.

He Was Assassinated
The next morning Carole tries to use her omnipresence as a means to keeping the peace, and so far so good. The gals even get it together for sunset drinks before Russ’ concert. Of course the car ride there did have the ladies talking a little candidly about each other (I’d love it if someone could leave some clarity on Ramona’s Planet of the Apes comparison, why is Aviva like that? Does she have Charlton Heston-like mannerisms?), but things settled into tense, if civil at the table. Tense if civil works, the gals can do less than 12 hours in that state of affairs.

Unfortunately, things took a bit of decline when Ramonja wanders off the trail and skips the concert to stay home and pack and enjoy each other’s company. Of course, there’s still dinner to be had at the villa, which means yet another opportunity for drama. Aviva’s not buying Ramona’s claims about needing to go to bed. She’s the party queen!