Borough Beat

Episode 8:'s Editor falls in love with a sex addict and with LuAnn's eyebrows.

on Jul 24, 2012

Once again, the episode opens with a delightful oddity. Ramona and Sonja are just sitting around discussing possible facial procedures. How deep does that laser go? We’ll never know because of course, the lunch was all about the fallout from London. . .and sex addicts.

A Love Grows in Brooklyn
Ramona may not have been invited to London, but she invited the ladies for a cathartic post-trip chat just to be sure she didn't miss the across the pod antics. Ramona was shocked to find that LuAnn was the lightening rod of drama on this trip instead of Heather. I wonder if she put money on that in some sort of who will be most annoying pool with Sonja?

Once Aviva arrives, the topic turns to more travel. Aviva has invited Ramona and Mario to Miami, Carole will happen to be there at the same time, and now Aviva extends another invite to Sonja. Why? Well it seems Aviva wants her to meet a tall, dark, sex addict stranger there. There's just one potential snag -- that handsome, orgasm-loving gent is Aviva's father.

I'm not sure what the protocol is on setting someone up with your dad. I guess it depends on how much you like your dad, what sort of sexual deviant he is, etc. etc. I do know that I agree with Carole though -- this is going to be a delight to watch.