Borough Beat

Episode 8:'s Editor falls in love with a sex addict and with LuAnn's eyebrows.

on Jul 24, 2012

Before Sonja embarks on her familial love affair, there are toaster ovens to design. Thusly she meets with Heather and a logo designer to discuss branding (whilst wearing the greatest hat in the entire world). Sonja's a touch miffed that Heather's help didn't really get the entire Ms. Morgan picture. It seems like the meeting is a little bit of missed connections, but hopefully things will get right on track for us all to by our toaster ovens in a timely fashion.

Queen of Palattes
In less font-rific news, LuAnn and Jacques are hosting an evening of wine games. Instead of just tasting the wines, the ladies have to guess the province, notes, and such of various vinos. Carole claims to know no difference between grape juice and Bordeaux, while Aviva is unsure of the color of grape juice at all. But just when you think this is going to be a pretty sad competition, the titan of taste herself, Ramona arrives!

It's like watching children swimming in a wading pool and then tossing Ryan Lochte in. THINGS JUST GOT REAL.
But first Heather is put to the test. She's not a huge fan of this particular white wine, but it does improve after she inhales some lemon essence. If this is the way to mask the tastes of wines I don't enjoy, perhaps I should start huffing lemon zest before I drink cheap wine. The more you know. . .

Ramona is not comfortable being blindfolded (why hide those beautiful windows to her soul?). However, it seems she's earned the right to be pushy because she's got a prize nose. Her snout quickly distinguishes between various fruits and florals. Then Jacques lets loose on the secret -- it was Ramona's wine the whole time! Twist! Was it a set up? It doesn't really matter because Ramona saw your booby trap and got her way right out of it -- like Batman if Batman was a sommelier.