Borough Beat

Episode 8:'s Editor falls in love with a sex addict and with LuAnn's eyebrows.

on Jul 24, 20120

A Bronx Boca Tale
Finally we get to meet the man in question, Aviva's father George. From the get-go, I already love him. He notices a good tan, he loves scotch, he hates Bocca.

I personally can't wait to see if his prediction for Marilyn, Reid's mother, comes to pass. Stay tuned for a potential spinoff about her racially charged love affair with a younger man (Fingers crossed!).

After that really delightful dinner, the preparation begins for Ramona's arrival. Poor Aviva was frantic over thread count, while Ramona just wanted someone to tell her what to drink. Champs or Pinot? Is there a way to combine the two -- like a twist cone? It's spring break after all!
Well maybe not, first there are house rules (no nudity, boo!) and then there are the plethora of family photos. How can anyone make love in these conditions? We'll have to stay tuned to see if Ramona finds a way. . .