Borough Beat

Episode 8:'s Editor falls in love with a sex addict and with LuAnn's eyebrows.

on Jul 24, 2012

Staten Eye-brow-land
Meanwhile, LuAnn and Heather are just two gals walking around in fur distracted by the quest for a perfect brow. When these two lady friends wandered into a brow salon, The Countess was shocked to find that her eyebrows could be improved -- as was I. I too once believed that LuAnn's eyebrows were fabulous, but life is all about learning you can improve.

As Heather endured the pain without even flinching (she is gangsta), the gals discuss the order of entrance in London. LuAnn is shocked that this is even an issue. Who knew sizism was such a major schism in the group? The Carole quandary comes up as well, but perhaps because LuAnn was so overwhelmed with pain, she sort of missed the full story. Lesson learned Heather -- don't try to have an important conversation with someone who was recently waxed.

Manhattan Major Moment
I really think the most important thing we learn in this episode is that Ramona tastes more than we do. Beyond her impeccable vino showing, over dinner we learn that for her a salad doesn't need much. When you derive as much pleasure from arugula she doesn't need more than that. Cilantro is enough to send Ramona into a fugue state of flavor. It hits her whole taste profile.

But her penchant for extracting every ounce of savory joy from her salad does not transfer to her picking up on the full motives of all involved. You see, Aviva doesn't want LuAnn's wine slight from the tasting to go unnoticed. She thinks it's unfair that LuAnn tried to "get" Ramona, and she doesn't want it to go unmentioned. This leads Mario to do his best Jacques impression, and we watch as before our very eyes, Ramona is wound back to her anti-LuAnn ways. Has all their goodwill been undone over a glass of wine? Did that hug last week mean nothing?

If that's not enough to keep you in suspense, the season trailer with talk of squirting orgasms, masturbation, white trash and cheating accusations could cause a fugue state of its own!