Borough Beat

Episode 6:'s Editor ponders the gourds and tubes the 'Wives resemble and the rest of their trip to London.

on Jul 9, 2012

Cheerio London lovers and Housewives fans. The ladies have finally made their way across the pond. How will the trip be sans Ramona? Will she and Aviva receive postcards from the edge from Carole, who has been driven witless by LuAnn? Will we ever find out why everyone loves yummy? Who is this Queen we met at dinner? Let's recap shall we?

A Head the Size of Staten Island
We open this episode by finding that Carole has another nickname for LuAnn. Most people call her the Countess, Sonja calls her Lu, and Carole. . .well Carole calls her Pumpkin Head. But she means it in the most endearing way! Like how pumpkins photograph so resplendently. When you think about it like that, who wouldn't want their melon compared to a very photogenic gourd? I find my head to be a bit like a butternut squash, particularly if I'm retaining fluid. Sadly that gourd head resigns Lu to a life of hat problems, but what can you do? You live a life where you look great in pictures, but not in pictures where are wearing hats. You take the good with the bad, I suppose.

The hat problems continue as Carole can't quite wrap her mind around the word "fascinator." Sonja thinks the trouble comes in that she doesn't wear a bra, but I think she might have stopped listening to the explanations because of LuAnn's faux British accent. Yikes, is it jet lag, or is Carole getting a little sick of the Countess?

On the other side of the pond, Ramona goes on another shopping trip, this time just with Aviva and with no threat of a "downtown makeover." Ramona, ever the curious sort, has a lot of questions about what sort of shoes Aviva can navigate and what her knee actually looks like.
I love Ramona's decision to role-play with the leg. "Let me pretend I'm a stranger." The commitment to understanding how the leg worked was really paramount. Way to get method Ramona! As always your commitment makes you the Christian Bale of RHONY.