Borough Beat

Episode 6:'s Editor ponders the gourds and tubes the 'Wives resemble and the rest of their trip to London.

on Jul 9, 2012

Manhattan Love Story
For me though, the crux of this episode is new friendship. The ladies really just started loving on each other. Perhaps it was Carole seductively petting Sonja Morgan's face through her nose-speared fascinator netting that really exemplified how the new and the returning ladies have become one. Or perhaps it was their impromptu photo shoot and Truth or Dare session. Maybe it was them jovially discussing Heather's glasses (I liked her Potato Head glasses!) and calling each other food-based names. It seems like the gals are really gelling together. Just sitting around eating curry talking about sex on ping pong tables -- just like young girls are want to do. Plus have you noticed the precious friendship budding between LuAnn and Heather?!? She wants to write odes to her Gangsta Chic-ness. That's two steps above friendship bracelets.

Of course, on the other side of the pond is another pair of friend-os. Ramona and Aviva went out for a double date with their respective man folks, and undoubtedly the topic of Heather comes up (after Ramona manages to not choke to death, thankfully. Should we be worried about how dry her throat is?). Ramona's thinks Heather might be a touch insecure (Reid, Aviva’s husband, points to jealousy). So while there’s no progress there, Aviva does label herself as "Ramona 2.0," so those two have each other. And what do we have? We have Ramona's incredible impression of Heather? Again, commitment to the craft!

Now that the lines are drawn, we’ll see what happens next week when Carole tries to beat the Countess at her own game -- and when Ramona and Heather get into one of the more mobile tiffs in Housewives history. Until then, what shape do you think each Housewife's head is? Do you, like Carole, think LuAnn's noggin is pumpkin-like? Leave your comparisons: animal, vegetable, or mineral in the comment.