Borough Beat

Episode 4:'s Editor covers the ways of conversation, dog pills, and hand-holding.

on Jun 25, 2012

London calling! We’re closing in on the hotly contested trip across the pond, but before we discuss the five big moments this week. I just want to say that the first three lines of this episode really thrilled me.

Carole: I had a sugar cookie this morning.
Aviva: Really, I eat one hard-boiled egg every day.
Ramona: Oh my gosh I didn’t even see you approaching I was so engrossed in the menu.

What an odd and auspicious beginning! Let’s go from there shall we?

No Conversation Is a Staten Island
We open with Carole, Aviva, and Ramona having lunch. Ramona brought presents (her own skincare products) and wants to keep it intimate -- hence no Heather. The topic does immediately turn to her though, with Carole tossing out that, yes, maybe Heather does talk too much. Ramona doesn't let that little bon mot fly by without taking this as an opportunity to define that "a conversation is a two way exchange" and use hand motions (glorious fluid hand motions) to fully drive the point home.

My favorite part of this whole dining experience, however, was not that Ramona and Heather were having a possibly fence-mending drinks. Nope, it was that Ramona was not going to let Carole Radziwill starve to death. Get the woman a double portion by god. She’s hungry! Two pastas for the princess. Ramona's guests always leave satiated!

Anyway, who knows if Heather and Ramona's talk will smooth things over, or if there's a ball gag, a sexy bandana, and a talking intervention in her future (for her sake, I'm hoping not).

Wait, one more thing: in the airing of grievances against Heather, the ladies are also peeved her assistant is answering personal emails. What of this fans? Is this efficient or bad etiquette? Have your assistant leave your vote in the comments.