Borough Beat

Episode 4:'s Editor covers the ways of conversation, dog pills, and hand-holding.

on Jun 25, 2012

Queens (LuAnn and Sonja)
There's something delightfully endearing about Sonja and LuAnn's friendship. They just seem to like each other -- making jokes about oysters, calling each other nicknames (Lu!). Perhaps it's also adorable because they are having an "affair" (I'm a sucker for a tawdry bit of espionage). At the end of the day no one controls Sonja (not even her intern as we see later in the episode when they soon try to make a voicemail message). But Lu wants to be sure that the Ms. Drink Stirrer is not having her light extinguished by Ramona's forceful nature. Sonja is a little tired of Ramona giving her advice that feels like orders, but she still loves Ramo. Thus Sonja is stuck in an endless ping pong game, which makes her dizzy. One wonders how long this endless volleying can last?

As promised here is what it's like to wake up as Sonja Morgan in the morning. It involves horse pills, chocolate shakes, and an intern. Two out of seven of her toilets are clogged people. She has no time for your rambling voicemails.

Bonus NYC neighborhood: Wall Street
Carole Radziwill loves body painting, yet ponders if she's in the one percent at a visit to Occupy Wall Street. That is a sentence I just typed. . . .Carry on Carole.

Brooklyn or BROOK-LIN
Finally, Heather and Ramona sit down for drinks. Things start out semi-promising. The ladies bond over a love of the pronunciation of "hummus." Ramona should be packing her bags for London in no time!
However, things did not continue well. . .Ramona doesn't feel natural around Heather. Heather's dubious of Ramona's ability to feel. Moreover, Ramona is aghast that Heather's assistant has not replied to an invite to her award ceremony (some assistant!). There's some serious tension as the women dawdle with their Blackberries and then Ramona is out like a shot. Oh brother. This can't bode well for the next time they see each other.

Meanwhile, Heather invites LuAnn to London. Lu thinks it's especially "gangsta chic" that Heather didn't invite Ramona. I'm not sure that's what "gangsta chic" is definied as, but I'll go with it for this purpose. LuAnn is a it worried about getting Sonja across the pond without her blonde Bobsey twin, but stranger things have happened.

Unfortunately, despite Heather’s literally hand-holding of Aviva she's not going to make it to London. Those machines! Always keeping Aviva away from transcontinental travel.