Borough Beat

Episode 4:'s Editor covers the ways of conversation, dog pills, and hand-holding.

on Jun 25, 2012

Manhattan Major Moment
Let's move to something more fabulous shall we? Sonja was having a fete to celebrate her cover appearance on Socialite Life magazine. Everyone who is anyone is invited -– including Sonja's "future ex-husband," i.e. her niece's boyfriend (love you S, don't ever change).

After Mario nearly botches Aviva's wedding ring surprise, Carole arrives wearing a cape. But instead of talking immediately about her outfit and the powers it surely posses, The Countess begins to talk about some count or another. Carole wonders if Lu has Royal Turrets syndrome. If so I would like to be diagnosed with it. Princess Grace of Monacco! Count Basie! Count Chocula!

Then Heather arrives, leading Ramona to drop a little hint (like an elephant-sized hint) about making parties inclusive. Ramona wonders though (This is how Ramona wonders: "Lightbulb on my head! Pinot on my head!) if perhaps it flew by Heather though. Ah, the message seemed to be received.

Unfortunately, there's a communication breakdown when it comes to Ramona and Sonja. Ramona can't understand why Sonja would go without her. Why would she decide to ride the double decker bus without her partner in crime? But Sonja doesn't understand why everyone has to be included always.

And so Ramona leaves, but not before taking a bathroom break with Mario. Mario tries to calm Ramona, who calls Sonja an "airhead" and says she has "diarrhea of the mouth." Yikes. These two can't fight! It makes my heart hurt!

What will happen next? We’ll have to make like Carole and stick close to Ramona next week to see. Hopefully there will be no sample sale dresses to continue to drive the women apart. Or perhaps since Heather just doesn't "give a s--t,"it will be a free for all of dresses and fighting and more dresses. Tune-in next week to see!