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Ep 21:'s Associate Editor makes sense of the many fights in the Season 5 finale.

on Oct 1, 2012

Oh hello sweet RHONY fans. Eighteen episodes later, we’ve seen so much -- faces in bidets, toaster oven fights, massive debauchery in St. Barths, Google searches, and beachside meltdowns. But how does it all end? How do we close the books on Season 5? With more fighting than you could imagine as it turns out. Let’s try to make sense of it all shall we.

The Queens of the Court
We open, of course, with a ping pong tournament. Because why wouldn’t we? This season has provided so many delightfully bizarre moments that I find it completely non-shocking that we have a table tennis tournament. Frankly, with the outlandish events of this season if Chairman Mao had appeared to play the tournament for all of Forrest Gump's Dr. Peppers, I wouldn’t have been surprised.

We all knew that this would be the first time Aviva and Ramona would see each other post-George bust-up, but I was far more concerned about the ladies’ ping pong prowress. Let’s be honest -- everyone thought LuAnn had this in the bag right? She just seemed like the clear favorite based on demeanor -- and prior experience with ping pong tables -- alone. Of course I should not be surprised that the Singer family tennis dynasty was one to mess with. We’ve seen them destroy enough ‘Wives in the Hamptons (on the court silly) to know this was their camp-style sport to lose. But then the dark horse, Heather “Holla” Thomson rose to the occasion. I hope the trophy was just engraved with the words “holla.”

Of course it wasn’t all tiny shorts and odd mustached men. When Aviva got a chance to bend Heather’s husband’s ear she of course brought up the Ramona situation. Heather is less than pleased with this talking point. Let it go!
Can't everyone just get along for the sake of the pong gods!