Borough Beat

Ep 21:'s Associate Editor makes sense of the many fights in the Season 5 finale.

on Oct 1, 2012

The Bronx is Toast
Finally the moment we’ve waited for arrives -- Sonja’s toaster oven box is unveiled (sadly nothing is inside of it, toaster oven still TBD). But we get a chance to see Sonja in the contested poses. Is she better alone or with men?

With men of course! And everyone does a dance! Heather was correct. James was correct! Sonja is better with her legion of men. Speaking of why did she miss the casting of said men? How can anyone make a male based decision sans Sonja. I barely do.

Brooklyn Has a Leg Up
Meanwhile, it’s time to get Aviva to suit up for her big runway debut. As it turns out the clothing is very, well, leg-centric. Aviva is in the honor position wearing some great Beyonce-style briefs, which has her begging Heather for some tights. Looking at Aviva’s body, I would pretty much never wear tights. If I looked that good I would constantly be in Beyonce briefs. I’d be writing this blog wearing nothing but Beyonce briefs and holding my sex kitten whip. I’d be doing the Heather feel it head bob constantly. I’d probably stop writing and just walk constantly, channeling the black woman inside my body and hoping my fortune would just befall me.