Borough Beat

Episode 2:'s Editor discusses open relationships, plumbers, and pinot-filled hats.

on Jun 11, 2012

Later we see Ramona and Aviva having a smoke (but not fire) filled lunch. Aviva appreciates Ramona's candor, but wants to stay on her good side. Therefore she gets right into asking about her bust up with LuAnn. Aviva feels like the whole affair might be exaggerated on LuAnn's end. Ramona then ponders what exactly LuAnn does with her time and gets angrier as the plates are served. However this is high road Ramona. There will be no repercussions, unless of course she finds out Aviva lied to her. . .

The Queen of Hearts
Next we see the budding friendship between Carole and Aviva. As Carole casually mentions, "What's not to love about Aviva? She's a blonde bombshell and she's my super fan." Agreed. Plus both ladies love vintage and discussing other people's bizarre fights.

Over furs, Carole gives Aviva in update about her dating life. She's in a "situation" with Russ. They date when he's around, but when he's on the road (playing AEROSMITH SONGS) they are their own people. It's all so rock 'n' roll, which is why Aviva's only response for a bit is, "you're so cool." I love that Aviva is self-aware enough to realize that as "cool" as Carole's free love situation is, she knows she "would be much too jealous and possessive and controlling for that." This entire conversation should be cast in bronze as proof that both of these ladies are good eggs.

Also great advice from Carole -- never sleep with a man until he thinks he's in love with you. And why's that? Because: "I want a man who’s obsessed with me emotional, intellectually, and sexually. And if he can support himself that’s a bonus." Also, Aviva, you look delightful in a jumpsuit!