Borough Beat

Episode 2:'s Editor discusses open relationships, plumbers, and pinot-filled hats.

on Jun 11, 2012

Anyway, soon enough we meet the man himself. And what does a relationship between a heralded writer and a touring member of Aerosmith look like? Apparently like two high school kids driving around. Carole really wants to keep the focus on songs that are about her and the future of her singing career. To Carole, "there's nothing more fun to me than to drive through New York City listening to the song that was inspired by me." I bet there are a lot of Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends that think exactly the same thing. 

The Youth of Brooklyn/America
After a very touching
turn learning Heather's poet father (how sweet was their celebration of
his life?), we see a delightful juxtaposition of Aviva and Heather's
families at dinner. I want to give major props to Heather's corn-loving,
knife-wielding progeny. I love you kid! Stay that much fun your whole

Then LuAnn has a little tete-a-tete with Noel. He's apparently not doing
so hot in French! French of all things! Sacre blue! Even with Jacques
helping him with his homework, Noel just forgets sometimes. Plus his
French teacher (and his math teacher) have horrible accents? How can he
be expected to learn from these folks?