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Episode 2:'s Editor discusses open relationships, plumbers, and pinot-filled hats.

on Jun 11, 2012

Manhattan's Major Gay Icon
From there we sojourn to Sonja's, where things are in a bit of a state. Hurricane Irene has sent her house into a tailspin, but thankfully Rich, the contractor, is there to solve all -– particularly Sonja's need for love.

Though Millsaps (Sonja's assistant) loves a good hurricane, Irene was not the fun our ladies had in mind, leaving Rich and Sonja to fondle the drapes full of water and various other devastation left in its wake. Sonja does not mind -- she will show him all of her damages if that's what it takes. Just let her fix her skinny jeans and then she'll gladly cook for him in her toaster oven.

But before her and Rich settle down for a life of properly maintained pipes, Sonja must present an award to her favorite folks -- the LGBT. Yes, despite the horrors that happened last year at the marriage equality march, the women get it together to attend Sonja's big affair. Heather even admits that she's quite popular with ladies who love ladies.

Unfortunately, while someone told Sonja where the snacks on sticks were, no one bothered to inform her of when her actual speech was.

But despite her truancy, Sonja did finally arrive and did a fabulous job of presenting the award. As Sonja says, no harm no foul. Just let the woman dance with her drag queens!

Next week things get heated over a trip across the pond (Yay! I hope Carole has plenty of songs about her to listen to while driving on the other side of the road). Until then, leave your comments on open relationships, snacks on sticks, and Ramona and LuAnn's deal in the comments.