Borough Beat

Episode 16:'s Editor thinks the women need a vacation after their St. Barths vacation.

on Sep 17, 2012

Welcome back to New York City friends. After a “vacation” the women have returned to their natural habitat. Naturally, they packed plenty of baggage on the way back. Will Ramonja ever forgive Aviva? Is Sonja on a “downward spiral”? Are Jacques and LuAnn OK? Did Carole develop a crippling addiction to pink cigarettes? Let’s assess. . .

The Bronx’s Food Is Burning
Ramona decides to ease back into the real world by having a culinary fest with Sonja and LuAnn. She’s going to let the menfolk do the cooking, while she tries to cook up some information about what’s going on with Jacques -- just kidding, she’s taking a page from LuAnn’s book and saying nothing!

Instead the main topic of conversation is Aviva (and sadly not Sonja’s headband, which is really what I want to talk about). While LuAnn tries to defend Aviva by mentioning how hard it was for her to make it to St. Barths, Sonja is not having it. She’s not going to let Aviva go around insulting people or pretending she’s Ernest Rutherford. Ramona is still maintaining that St. Barths-Aviva was some sort of phantom human or dual-personality, and not the woman they’ve known prior. In the end, Ramona maintains she’s a buzzkill even when she’s not around, so outlook cloudy on this all blowing over.

Meanwhile, in a gay bar on the other side of town, Carole and Heather have decided to chase their troubles away with alcohol and gay men. This seems to work effectively. The gals drunkenly bond over Aviva’s loud voice and the fact that “Boom Boom” was a runaway bride! Yes as it turns out she was engaged to be married and bailed on a Jamaican wedding. Who would have thought that Aviva was once on the cusp of a rasta ceremony. Of course, weeks ago I wouldn’t have guessed that Snoop Dogg would have become Snoop Lion. I guess those Rastafarians always sneak up on you.