Borough Beat

Episode 16:'s Editor thinks the women need a vacation after their St. Barths vacation.

on Sep 17, 2012

We also find out later in the episode that Carole is chasing her troubles away with cigarettes. As you can imagine this doesn’t go over particularly well with Aviva -- even though the cigarettes are pink. How can anything that’s pink hurt you, says science? She should be fine.


A Baby Grows in Brooklyn
After courting the opinions of Manhattan, Heather decides she wants to get LuAnn’s good word as well. She wants to know what the Countess thinks of the whole St. Barths bust-up, and so over lunch the subject of dear Aviva comes up. The gals agree that it seems like things might not be fixed, and that Sonja and Aviva might be at odds for some time.

That bummer convo quickly turns to Jacques, and Heather wonders why LuAnn won’t just tell her the truth. LuAnn instead talks more about how she’s ready to have a baby tout suite! No time for dealing with rumors of indiscretion and phantom Italians. Look at how pregnant she might be!