Borough Beat

Episode 16:'s Editor thinks the women need a vacation after their St. Barths vacation.

on Sep 17, 2012

Of course, that’s not the end of the St. Barths backlash. Over dinner, Aviva, Carole, and Heather continue to discuss the issue. Beyond the whole fight aspect (and Heather and Carole’s desire for Aviva to get over it), the ladies are more concerned about Sonja. Aviva thinks our Lady Morgan is being used, and wonders just what's going on with her at the moment.

So Carole decides to check out that spiral on a little shirt shopping spree. However, she’s majorly distracted from her quest for knowledge when she finds out the shirt maker is none other than Peyman Umay, who Carole went on that awkward date with. In a city of eight million people you still always run into the guy you didn’t call back.

After that awkwardness is brushed over, Carole tries to talk to Sonja about how difficult St. Barths, was but Sonja wants focus on how Sonja might not be the ideal hostess. . .Vacations get out of hand says Sonja. “That’s what people do on vacation. They party. They get their period. They break glasses. Things happen,” quote Lady Morgan. Roll with it Radz, amirite? That basically summarizes every vacation I've ever been on.