Borough Beat

Episode 16:'s Editor thinks the women need a vacation after their St. Barths vacation.

on Sep 17, 2012

No Woman Is a Staten Island
Later in Sonja’s Boudoir, tea is being poured by Belgian interns and she and Ramona are discussing her ex. Sonja will be facing him for the first time since 2006 to discuss the settlement. Sonja is very concerned that he feels her proper energy and enjoys her decollete. Huh? Ramona is concerned Sonja’s letting her feelings get in the way of the business of getting divorced.


We’ll have to see if he remembers who Sonja is and if our girl Sonja will get some sleep anytime soon. . .

Manhattan Major Moment
Over another dinner with Heather, Aviva continues to discuss St. Barths. She would have lived and let live and all, but she felt bullied. And if I’ve learned anything about people feeling bullied on RHONY, it’s that they don’t take it sitting down. She’s got to say her piece and let it go, which means she’s going to have a major tete-a-tete with Sonja.