Borough Beat

Episode 16:'s Editor thinks the women need a vacation after their St. Barths vacation.

on Sep 17, 2012

And so the meeting of the minds begins. Aviva apologies -- but mentions that she behaved the way she did because she didn’t feel welcome. Sonja accepts her apology -- but feels Aviva can’t take back some of the things she said. Aviva clears up all that Googling and defines white trash as “moral failure.” Things. Don't. Go. Well.


At the end of Sonja lays it all out there -- she doesn’t care. Boom. She doesn’t care about Aviva’s thoughts about her downward spiral or her thoughts on her anything frankly, because she is cutting her out of her life. And thusly Sonja takes her hat and pulls out of this one. Adios Aviva.

Next week we see if Aviva’s meal with Ramona goes any better (I don’t think I even need to say spoiler alert because you’re fully aware after seeing this that that could not be possible) and George enters the fray!

What do you think people? Which side are you on Aviva or Ramonja? Leave it in the comments.