Carole Radziwill

Carole shares her thoughts on the whole Housewives experience -- and a glimpse into her new novel.

on Oct 2, 2012

Spin Doctor
Spin is the name of my friend Jonathan’s ping pong club on 23rd Street. It’s a really cool place where you can play pong, eat or just have a drink with friends and watch the pros play.

I put the event together to raise money for the IFP (Independent Film Project) New York and their Anthony Radziwill Documentary Fund which my mother-in-law and I set up after my husband died. We worked very hard together and raised over $500,000 to establish it. The fund awards development grants to emerging documentary filmmakers and has helped many new and very talented filmmakers get their work produced.

Anthony left ABC News after we married to head the documentary division of HBO. He was brilliant at it -- he received an Oscar nomination for the documentary he produced on Lenny Bruce -- and he was passionate about his work, so it seemed an appropriate way to honor him.

Ping pong, however, is another story. It doesn’t honor anyone. It’s a maddening game with a crazy little ball that is impossible to control; it seemed perfect for Housewives. Plus, Spin has a bar. Also perfect.

I asked two of the club’s professionals to play with us, since most of us didn’t know a ping from a paddle. Frank is very good, Jonathan might have been stoned. Heather turned out to have a mean backhand and she and Frank came from behind, in a stunning upset, to beat Avery and take home Mario’s trophy. I learned a good lesson from this: If you want to skip a fight or the recap of a fight, plan a ping pong tournament.