Carole Radziwill

Carole explains her quest for the boozy and lousy things in life.

on Jun 18, 2012

My big moment this week was lunch with Ramona and Mario. This was my first time with them alone and I was nervous, which is probably why I ordered beer. As a single girl, I spend a lot of time with couples -- married, dating, dating cool and casually, flagrantly cheating, you name it -- and in two minutes I can tell who's solid and who's not. The Singers are a rock. They're easy to hang out with because they clearly enjoy each other. And even though there are approximately 27 close-up shots of Ramona looking uncomfortable with me smelling her husband and flaunting my Sicilia, she was definitely not uncomfortable. She is cool as a cat. You can believe me, or not, and either way is fine.

Ramona may or may not have called me "Honey," and I did call her "Bunny." How cute are we? I know everyone thinks of her and turtles, but she is nothing like a turtle. Turtles are slow and steady, Ramona is not. I nicknamed her Bunny after the little pink guy in the Energizer commercials, because she never ever stops. Ever. She jumps from one subject to another, it's impossible to keep track. So I don't.

Later that same night I took my friend Duff (who was at the jewelry show) to see Ramona's off-Broadway play -- Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating and Marriage. It was in the basement of an Italian restaurant that was so off-Broadway it was practically Newark. She's funny, and the play was a scream. She played herself, naturally; giving advice to women who want to snag a man. She told the story of how she got Mario to propose. It had something to do with an exercise outfit, a washing machine, and a weekend away. . .I lost track.