Carole Radziwill

Carole ponders social media, truces, and Sonja's internship program.

on Jul 2, 2012

I didn't think I was into this whole "social media" thing. Blogging, Facebooking, Tumbling, Pinteresting. What? I'm a writer. I like to get paid for my words. Plus I am old school -- you know, like pink While You Were Away slips and Sonja Morgan fax machines. I listen to vinyl albums at home (check out my crib). But old school is so 16,000 followers ago. New school is the new old school. And new school is like having recess all day. Two months ago, I didn't know what Twitter was and now I'm retweeting, livetweeting, and hashtagging quicker than a short fuse on the 4th of July. I communicate more with @suzyq485 and @wtf27 than I do my own mother. #himom.

A few days ago, my downstairs neighbor @trippswanhaus came upstairs with coffee and the news that @tomcruise and @katieholmes were divorcing. #shock. How fun to tweet I want to be wife #numberfour. We're just in my living room. It's just me and Tripp. So @trippswanhaus and I amused ourselves. We tweeted. Mrs. Tom Cruise #tomcar, #tomrad, #radzitom, Mrs. Cruisiwill. I could have gone on but then my sister @teresadifalco called. From Oregon.

"Hi Carole. What's going on?"

"I'm tweeting!"

"Yeah, I see that. Are you tweeting that you want to marry Tom Cruise?" @teresadifalco asked, as she scanned her Google alert.

Apparently it wasn’t just Tripp and me. A web site (Wetpaint) was also reading my tweets and now Tom Cruise and I are romantically linked in cyberspace. Forever. Me and Tom, just like that. I am both scared, and in awe of the power of social media. #irony

@teresadifalco banned me from Twitter, indefinitely. She doesn't know this, but I snuck back.