Carole Radziwill

Carole discusses the proper etiquette required on a girls' vacation.

on Sep 11, 2012

I love the boys and I love my girls too. Was I looking forward to hosting all of the ladies in St. Barths? Well, I was looking forward to spending girl time together, gossiping around the pool as we do, and also seeing my boyfriend. It was St. Barths after all. It’s almost impossible to have a bad time there. Right?

I couldn’t help but wonder. . .what makes the Perfect House Guest?

I think if I’d handed out manuals when we first arrived, with refresher tips on how to conduct oneself as a guest on a trip, things may have gone smoother. But I didn’t, and this is late, and for what it’s worth to the rest of you, here are some houseguest etiquette guidelines from my Book of Manners & Mischief. Review them carefully before planning a girls trip to St. Barths.

The perfect houseguest, above all, arrives on time and brings all her necessary equipment such as bathing suit, tennis racquet, medications -- certainly the hostess cannot be responsible for lending personal articles to her guests, especially her medications. The perfect houseguest will stay on her medication.

The perfect guest sees that her luggage is compact, and has appropriate attire for all occasions. She should appear in the dining room at breakfast dressed for the morning’s activity. The proper attire for breakfast is a simple frock with spectator shorts.