Carole Radziwill

Carole discusses her future in wine-making and talks about what Sonja should be doing.

on Jul 24, 2012

So I ask Ranjana for a favor, something I rarely do for myself. Would she mind if LuAnn came to their showroom to buy some jewelry? LuAnn isn't there for ten minutes when she asks to borrow clothes. Not just any clothes but $10,000 designer dresses worn by the First Lady. It's a lot to ask.

Ranjana is sweeter than I am. I'm three months into this gig now and words fall easier from my lips than they used to. I am in the 100-year Royal Wars, after all. Next episode we are battling with Tiaras. Mine is bigger.

Coming Up. . .
Holy Pinot! I told you it gets good. Trust me, I was there. I saw things I never thought I'd see and I've seen a bunch of things. One thing you learned about me on tonight's episode: "I might be a Princess but I am definitely a size Queen." Too much tequila and I blurted!

Q. Why can't Marilyn have a 40-year-old stud on Sunday?
A. Because he’s black, and so he's busy with Baptist church.

Oh, George.

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