Carole Radziwill

Carole laments Sonja and George's failed romance and discusses her confrontation outfit.

on Jul 30, 2012

If there's one thing all of us know about Aviva by now it's that she has a fake leg and she doesn't like to draw attention to it even when she falls at a party. What’s the point? She also knows what she can and can't do with it, because she's had it since she was six. She will entertain attention when it is for a purpose -- for instance, dispelling ignorance or stigma around prostheses. But in a social setting, with friends, the last thing she wants to talk about – much less dwell on -- is her leg. Especially when she can talk about her sex addict dad which, let's be honest, is much more fun.

And about that. . .
Cue The Dreschers

Sonja and Ramona are like an MTV Behind the Scenes Special of Laverne and Shirley. They're giggling and dressing, and wrestling in the shower. Mario is contemplating an unusual threesome, and at dinner, fluids are sprayed, both literally and suggestively.


George likes girls with tans, ice cream asses and sex the new age way with horny goat weed. Sonja likes boys with money, real estate, and sex the old-fashioned way, doggie-style.