Carole Radziwill

Carole begs for rehab and asserts that Ramona and Aviva's fight is Top 3 in Housewife History.

on Sep 25, 2012

I know what it’s like to lose everything, and then start over again all alone. It’s daunting. But Sonja has a lot going for her; I think she’ll be just fine. She’s young, has her health, supportive friends, plenty of opportunity, and a beautiful daughter. She has more than most. She also, apparently, still has quite a few homes. She’ll feel better once the painting is down. It’s just an old painting.

Aside: Did you hear the phone ring in this scene? Ramona is the Marimba ringtone on Sonja’s iPhone. If I had an iPhone I’d make her the Trill -- direct and to the point.

Heather is Yummie
$400,000 for one organ? Wow. I’m not an organ donor, but now I’m going to be. Everything but my heart -- it’s taken some hits, it’s mostly scar tissue now. I think I’m going to have my heart buried with me. Me and my heart on a hilly green knoll under big shady elm trees. My tombstone will read “She Was Something. . .” Unless any of you come up with something else. Tweet me.

It’s really amazing, the work Heather does to raise money for transplants. Like with Jake. Remember when Aviva helped get Jake running legs? It’s so humbling to see kids like that -- like Heather’s son Jax -- who need legs and new livers, and still smile so big with their great big hearts. It puts pinot and pirates in perspective. Having a son who almost died is sobering. Maybe this is why Heather is so grounded. Maybe this is why she has a Cheshire cat smile.