Carole Radziwill

Carole begs for rehab and asserts that Ramona and Aviva's fight is Top 3 in Housewife History.

on Sep 25, 2012

M-E-TA-P-H-O-R meet R-A-M-O-N-A
When Bravo does a montage (have they already folks?) of the Top 10 Fights of Housewife History, I’ll bet this scene is number three. I’d put it against anything Miami comes up with this season.

Aviva shows up with her petticoat cinched tight and a bun the size of the Starship Enterprise. Ramona’s weapons are concealed, behind sunglasses, but she matches Viv blow for blow until Viv gets weak and lets her guard down. That’s when Ramona looses her dagger eyes and Aviva fires back in a hailstorm of lashes. I think Heather should slow jam Aviva’s lashes, and I think Ramona should have to carry a permit for those eyeballs.

If this were one of the Rocky films, Aviva would be Drago (assuming Drago has gone to Vassar.) Ramona’s not quite fresh for battle, like in Rocky I, but she’s the odds favorite against Aviva, who I guess would be Russia. It’s Chamomile vs. Earl, Red vs. Gray, The Bun vs. The Bunny; Clash of the Upper East Side Titans.

Can you drive someone to diarrhea, is that how you get it? Does herbal tea cause verbal diarrhea? Does anyone know about this?