Carole Radziwill

Carole discusses her time with George the lizard and her thoughts on the "girls' trip."

on Aug 14, 2012

There are only 3.2 million toaster ovens sold in the United States every year. So unless you're shipping them to China it's hard to make a living selling them. Why, then, is Sonja in this business when she could be doing a madcap one-woman play on Broadway? I would happily write it for her, and I keep telling her this but she won't listen to me.

I don't know what to say about menstruation. Is it peri-menopause that makes middle-aged women draw attention to their periods? Jason says it best: Yuck. Gross. This photo shoot needed more hustle and less flow.

Watch Sonja's toaster oven videos to learn some things about tinfoil. Did you know it's thought to cause Alzheimers? #crazy.

Big Guns, give that torso my number. I'd like to get a drink with Josh's torso sometime.

Pizza Anyone?
Ramona is talking real estate again. Yes, this is my petite casa. In Manhattan real estate speak, it's also my 2-bedroom 1-bath duplex apartment. I only allowed them on the first floor.

I don't have meals at home. I host dinners out with candles, place cards, and games (see above: Hotel Griffou). I never have food in my house. I like my lunches like my men -- cool and casual. You're not going to get a formal lunch with me, sorry. I'm a pizza-eating on-the-fly kind of girl, the ladies are lucky I didn't bring out Cup O’ Noodles. It's one of my top five favorite foods and I have an entire cupboard of them. (They last forever.)

In lieu of food, I got the ladies personalized M&Ms. How fun is that?!?

White: Ramona Pinot
Yellow: Yummie Tummie
Pink: Chic ce le Vie
Blue: Sonja in the City (with a sexy “j”)
Green: One Step Ahead (Sorry Vivs, I couldn’t fit “Foundation”)