Heather Thomson

Heather discusses her problems with Ramona.

on Jun 4, 2012

A couple of days before I was expected at Ramona's dinner party, she tagged along to Sonja and my drinks date. My dad had died just a few days before we started filming, and it was a lot, as you can imagine -- lots of change, lots of responsibility with Dad's dealings and, overall, my emotions were definitely on the surface.

Ramona's comforting take on that was that I have "issues," lumping the fact that my son had a liver transplant into my dad’s death, with no warmth or concern and so I figured, why not also take the opportunity to really send her over the edge of real life struggles and share my dear friend Alexandra Elman's story? Like Ramona, Alexandra is in the wine business, but unlike Ramona, Alex lost her vision and ultimately two of her organs to diabetes in her late twenties. I probably don't need to tell you what an inspiration to us mere mortals Alex Elman is! (Go blind wine chick! She is a fabulous and fiercely strong woman who deals with her disabilities head on. This just pushed Ramona over the edge! LOL! Too much reality for Ramona to handle!

Anyway! There is no good time to tell someone who you've just met that you are going through some of life's bumps, but I can tell you the reactions I got were far from caring and supportive. I was incensed, but I figure some good old karma will make up for that!

What I didn't realize is that when I left the bar that night, Ramona had attached a target to my back. At dinner the next evening, I certainly felt the darts from both Ramona and Mario starting to fly but thankfully my shapewear pieces not only slim your line but they deflect haters too! Can you believe they invited me into their home and then attacked me? Ramona and Mario, shame on you!

Well, I am excited the new season has started and I can't wait for everyone to see all of the drama we get into during the upcoming weeks. Stay tuned and stay yummie!

xoxo Heather