Heather Thomson

Heather laments her inability to get Sonja on the same page.

on Aug 6, 2012

I just can't quit Sonja. . .

I scheduled a meeting with Sonja to go over the working concepts for her toaster oven and the progress we had made on branding her logo since our initial meeting back at my office a few weeks prior. I was really excited to show her just how beautifully the logo was evolving and what it looked like laid out on her business cards, etc. and how the mark was flowing from her vision for Sonja Home and Sonja in the City.

To my surprise and slight horror, we walked into the dining room, to find Ramona sitting next to Sonja at the table ready and primed for confrontation. I really felt like I was being set up. Did Sonja really want my help or was she just exercising me? Sonja knows my history with Ramona, so to blindside me and have her at the meeting with no forewarning was a damaging move.

As you would expect, Ramona was on the attack and playing the total contrarian. From one businessperson to another, I can respect Ramona. But really? She wasn't in any initial meetings with Sonja and me, she has no understanding of the professionals at the table with her, and there she was, jumping in midstream with her personal opinions and taking personal calls. I have been a part of creative teams for many companies throughout my 20 year career from Sean "Diddy" Combs' Sean John label to Beyoncé and Tina Knowles' House of Deréon to my own Yummie Tummie line, and I can say with the utmost confidence that I know how to do this. . .I want to help Sonja, but she is really making it challenging and now throwing in the Ramona curveball. She's almost sabotaging herself throwing her good Samaritan team off track. This meeting was meant to be a creative brainstorm with Sonja. I asked Gian Andre, the photographer I felt best suited to shoot her campaign, to join us and to meet her and we all really wanted to start to pump out the vision for the creative in this meeting. We had so much to discuss and to pick Sonja's brain about but as you saw, the meeting went nowhere.