Heather Thomson

Heather laments her inability to get Sonja on the same page.

on Aug 6, 2012

My dream team and I left feeling deflated, and annoyed. We had done so much work for Sonja based on her initial direction, and I had spent a good deal of time working with James and speaking with Gian Andre about shooting her campaign for what felt like nothing. I tried to stay cool under the circumstances, but as you saw, I was really frustrated with the whole situation. I was not only wasting my time, but even worse, the time of my professional friends I had enlisted to help.

Flash-forward a few days to the Yummie Tummie catalog photoshoot where I had previously invited LuAnn to come down to look at the amazing accessories we had pulled for the shoot. LuAnn is a jewelry fanatic and I knew she would have fun shopping the assortment and hanging to watch some of my photoshoot in work. . .but after the discouraging meeting at Sonja's, James, Gian, and I spoke and decided helping Sonja was going to be a lot more difficult than we had anticipated.
Under the circumstances, I felt I should talk to Sonja right away and so I asked her to meet up with us at the shoot where James and I could share our concerns and put the brakes on our involvement in the project. Although I had double booked, I decided not to cancel with LuAnn because Sonja and Lu have a really great rapport together and so I thought it might not be a bad idea to have her around as another voice of reason if my delivery to Sonja came off as anything other than sincere. I run my own business and spend the precious free time I have with my husband and our children, working on my charities, and with my dear friends and I don't have enough of it to even go around to myself. I felt like Sonja was stuck with a vision for her brand, without the means to see it through, and I felt good to do this favor to help her even if it meant missing some of the other things that were important to get it done.

I thought I could be a strong voice and to help Sonja to focus. But when she said, "I am the client," I was taken back at how delusional she was! How did doing a favor for a friend turn her into my client? Maybe this was a good time to bring in Lu! But then, when she said I was a quitter -- my warrior instincts kicked in and she got me! I don't quit anything! And as you saw, I can't quit Sonja either. Sonja IS a character and she cannot get out of her own way sometimes, but she is warm and has a big heart and I am genuinely fond of her. SO! We resolved to move forward! Part in partial because I could see how upset the thought of me pulling back made Sonja and partly because I did not have to ask James to retouch, format, and frame two set ups and do double the work, because she got him to agree to it himself! And because, we can help her! The guys and I are passionate about the creative direction I’ve set for her and I know she is going to love it in the end!

Now I will just have to prove it to her I just want her to be happy!