Heather Thomson

Heather wants Aviva to let go of St. Barths and LuAnn to fess up to Jacques.

on Sep 17, 2012

I am so glad to hear Carole’s relationship with Russ is growing closer and more committed. I have been a fan of "Carole and Russ" since the first time I spent a moment with them together. Later, we girls even get into the "size" conversation as our chatter and our cocktails both keep flowing! Carole, the self professed "size queen" and I agree that it does matter -- but like I said earlier, I am one lucky girl! I do know that true love is both mental and physical but hopefully. . .we can have it all! Razzie is my girl and I get mushy and yummie with her in a classic, "I love you man," moment, but I mean every word and my adoration for that girl is true!

LuAnn and I decide to meet for lunch and catch up. I am anxious to hear how she and Jacques are doing post-St. Barths so I suggest sushi at Blue Fin. Carole, Luann, and I are in the middle of Aviva and Samonja. But being in the middle of the story LuAnn has perpetuated with the charade about these Italians is worse. I do think the relationship between Ramona, Sonja, and Aviva is fractured and, like I said, it would take both parties wanting to heal the fracture in order for that to happen and it doesn’t look like we are there yet. But as the conversation turns back to LuAnn, she's pressed the fast-forward button on me again and has skipped ahead a few chapters. I want to know if she came clean with Jacques about St. Barths and if she realizes she must tell the truth about Tomas vs. a late night with said Italian friends, but Lu is only giving me deets on the baby. Really? I want to hear how they are doing as a couple and what her intentions are about telling Jacques and if she did how his reaction has been. I care about them as a couple and Jacques is my buddy inasmuch as LuAnn. I don't want to feel awkward the next time I see him or even worse be questioned. . .she has put me in a horrible position and is even brushing it off with me! In my opinion Lu needs to rewind, slow down and press pause -- having a baby is serious.

As a mother, Luann knows that this should be thought out long and hard at her age and under all the circumstances. This sticky web is one I am not interested in getting more entangled in than I already am so I decide its best for me to just listen and to play along with Lu for now, holding my opinions to myself. I want to beg her to come clean on this one, but not today, today at this lunch I am starving! So, I decide my main focus will be to just listen and very happily eat!!