Heather Thomson

Heather Thomson shares her side of the argument with Ramona.

on Aug 13, 2012

Things (and people) are gettin’ crazy up in here...

Watching this episode I am having flashbacks to filming now more than ever, because it was during the holidays and I can remember being crazed trying to keep all the balls I was juggling in the air along with the added pressure of the season! Oy! I remember being happy when I got Carole's invite to what I knew would be a lovely holiday dinner at Hotel Griffou. I had just hosted my company Holiday party there for Yummie only two days prior, and I love the place. Jon and I didn't need a sitter because my sister was in town, and I knew Ramona and Mario were not attending, so I was looking forward to a fun night out with my hubby and friends. The game we played called “White Elephant” (where you have the choice to keep your surprise present or trade with someone that has gone before you) was so much fun! And Aviva’s dad, the now infamous George, added thrilling shock waves with his irreverent wit. But as you saw, even George was upstaged by the live lizard that leaped out of its neatly wrapped box. Bravely, Carole captured him, gave him a home, and named him George. I've actually asked Carole to write the story of George for all to read, because you could never imagine what became of him, but that is another story. On this particular evening the two Georges added a lot of emotion to what might have been a predictable evening out on the town!