Heather Thomson

Heather Thomson shares her side of the argument with Ramona.

on Aug 13, 2012

Carole continued in her hosting role by inviting all the ladies downtown to her apartment for lunch to discuss an idea of a trip she was pondering after she had delivered her book. Carole is a very cool, laid-back gal and her style is casual. Neither Carole nor myself are the high maintenance types, and I would have been so down with the pizza order, but others aren't as easy going. I wish Ramona would relax and try to just enjoy the moment. I mean, friends shouldn’t have to roll out a red carpet for each other every time they get together! Somehow the word “entitled” seems fitting here. Meanwhile, the nervous tension coming off Aviva, who was sitting next to me, is like a force field when Ramona was less than accommodating concerning Reid joining us in St. Barth’s. If this is what ordering lunch while planning a luxury vacation is like...will I ever survive the actual trip?

I am a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to my work, and I care deeply about giving my all to anyone or any project that I am associated with. I took Sonja's branding project very seriously, and I put together a dream team of talented and passionate experts, all of whom volunteered to help Sonja. She was not paying any of us for our services. There was no barter system for our time and efforts, yet here comes Sonja rolling into the shoot over an hour late! At this juncture I am not surprised, but now I am really getting annoyed. Not only did she not have the decency to acknowledge the people that I had gathered to work on this project, but when she did get there she showed no sense of urgency to get into hair and makeup so we could start. Then her “lady problems” delayed us further, and did we really need to hear the graphic details? Sonja, spare us, puh-leeze! I was pushing to get the first shot, because I know from experience that once you get that first shot off and get rolling the magic begins.