Heather Thomson

Heather reacts to the "Singer Stinger" attack.

on Jul 16, 2012

While we were in London, Sonja suggested a friendly game of croquet. I love the outdoors so I was happy to partake! Knowing Sonja however, I didn’t expect our instructor would be quite so long in the tooth. But her man was feisty! You wouldn’t have guessed it, but after trying to bubble us up, he was really flirting a bit with the ladies! I confess, we didn’t learn much about croquet but definitely had some laughs, even while the flare up between the royals was ensuing…

Congratulations to Carole on her big win in Great Gatsby style!

Pulling up to the restaurant for dinner that evening, a heated discussion began between Sonja and LuAnn about who would walk into the restaurant first. I could not believe they were actually discussing that! Seriously? I was thinking, “Who cares?”
But they both care! So when the front door opened and LuAnn grabbed my hand and started to pull me out in front with her, I thought, “Ah, no way!” I must say, she was dynamite in that red dress and she deserved her entrance in it, but I don’t like to be in-between two Housewives, if you know what I mean. (I’ve ruffled enough of Ramona’s feathers and wasn’t messing with Lady Morgan’s plumes!) So I pulled Lu back (as a gentle reminder) and we walked in shoulder to shoulder. But Sonja still noticed, and she was annoyed.