Heather Thomson

Heather reacts to the "Singer Stinger" attack.

on Jul 16, 2012

With a subject change in order, Sonja switches up the conversation to her concerns regarding the planning of Aviva and Reid’s anniversary party and her worries about her toaster oven prototype. She is terribly concerned about the linens and the china all matching and the seating arrangements, so I was thinking this is a major sit down feast and was growing concerned for her. So I try to get her focused on the party only, and LuAnn asks her if she is asking for our help -- I offered to go to help her when we touchdown Stateside, but in the end Sonja never asserts this to happen and the first Sonja in the City official party is about to kick off back in New York.

Upon arrival to Aviva and Reid’s party, my husband Jon and I saw the beautiful flowers, which were unbelievable, and the huge cake, which was off the hook, but we didn’t see where the sit-down dinner I had assumed was taking place was going to be. I soon recognized that Sonja solved that problem, and instead of a sit down turned it into a casual cocktail party with a buzzing vibe, with the focus on the entertainment and the speeches. Words cannot describe the performance…it was so wrong that it actually became good entertainment! Wrong genre, wrong venue, wrong guests of honor, but we still talk about it, so again, Sonja did her job and put on a memorable event for Aviva and Reid’s 5th anniversary -- mission accomplished!