Heather Thomson

Heather reflects on her signature line and her relationship with LuAnn.

on Oct 8, 2012

Tonight we saw the first part of the two-part reunion show. If you were expecting drama on the level of the New Jersey ladies, then I am sorry that we may have disappointed you but I am happy that we did! But don’t be mistaken, there was a lot of tension in that room and I can tell you Sonja and LuAnn were unexpectedly primed. Unlike during filming, I felt an unexpected distance or separation if you will, from some of the ladies from the moment we sat down that I had never felt before. And, I could sense, this rollercoaster ride was in no way over.

But before I get into my perspective on Part 1, I would like to take this opportunity to explain why I use the term “holla” and what it means.

I will start by telling you that I did not "plan it" as part of my opening title line for the show, it happened while recording my line, "My success is built on making women look and feel there best." In the studio while recording it one of our producers said, "It feel like it needs a 'Heatherism' on the end? Maybe try ending it with something that comes organically to you and we’ll see how it sounds?" “Holla" naturally flowed out of me as a positive shout out to all the ladies who over the past 4 years have been rockin' and lovin' bought my Yummie Tummie products and it stuck.

Now I can’t go anywhere without out getting a "holla" from folks I meet on the street, to every tweet #holla and even from my closest friends, who say "holla" when I walk into a room. On Twitter, my newest Jewish friends shout out to me with a "challah" (which is a Jewish bread that is pronounced very much the same way as holla, that among other things, is traditional to Friday night dinner), wishing me a lovely Shabbat and I LOVE IT ALL! It's so fun and feel good! I have always used "holla" as a positive "shout out," or as an "acknowledgement" that I use with friends. Some use it as a follow up, i.e.: "Holla back when you can" when leaving a message. "Holla" is a term that I picked up years ago and whether I am 30 or 42, I use it when it feels right, but it has never defined me until the show aired.