Heather Thomson

Heather explains what she will put up with (Aviva's jacket snafu) and what she won't endure (Ramona and Sonja's behavior).

on Oct 1, 2012

I want to take a moment to tell you all how much fun I have had sharing a part of my life with you. You all have been so supportive and given me so much positive feedback; you just can’t know how much that means to me. What a crazy ride we have been on since the first episode aired back in June. Now, 18 weeks later, here we are at the end of our journey and I have learned a lot.

Tonight’s show opens with the gang coming together to support Carole’s charity at a fun table tennis tournament at Spin NY. This place is so cool. Susan Sarandon (yes, the actress) is a partner in the space and you see lots of people of all ages and tons of hipsters there any given night of the week. But tonight, I was bringing my “A Game” to support Carole and go for gold. With any other group of friends this would be an easy night of laughing and maybe a couple of pitchers of beer, but not with this crowd. There are landmines set all around the room. Aviva was still steaming about Ramona kicking George out of her event from the day before and with everyone here Carole is doing her best to keep everyone separated. I thought it was nice of George to say hi to Mario. George is 80 and his heart is in the right place. He is harmless overall and he seems to be taking it all in stride. I won the tournament just beating Avery, who was so cute and such a great sport. Just a couple more chords on my air guitar paddle and it is time to relax. Carole and I are doing our best socializing with everyone and I walk up on my Jon having a heart-to-heart with Aviva. I think Jon is right about Ramona and I think he gives Aviva some great advice, but I also am getting frustrated with the same ole, same ole from Aviva and clearly think it is time for her to move on to a new conversation. The end.

I was at my Yummie Tummie offices sitting at the same table where I first met with Sonja to talk about branding her toaster oven concept. James and Gian Andre are here with me, and in comes Sonja to see our presentation of the layouts. Remember, we did this exercise to help Sonja out. We gave her our time and expertise at no expense to her because we want her to succeed. Sonja has had it pretty bad these past few years between the lawsuit and her woes with her ex so this toaster oven could really help her out if it hits big. We went as far as mocking up a box for her so she could present it to potential retailers, and I think we nailed it. The box looked amazing and I could tell Sonja liked it too. I think we brought it home for her with both images and in the end, we stuck it in and delivered Sonja exactly what I promised I would. Yay!! It was not easy, but I wanted to help a friend and I am glad I did see it through for her! Can you tell me what you thought of it all? Which one did you prefer? (Please pick the one with the hunk in it! And, yes I did enjoy the model casting. LOL)