Heather Thomson

Heather wonders why no one could enjoy the idyllic scenery of St. Barths and explains why the double date upset her.

on Sep 10, 2012

I am seeing with you viewers the scene with Aviva and Sonja fighting in the kitchen for the first time tonight. Wow, isn’t it interesting how quickly a conversation can spiral out of control? And talk about spiraling out of control, our Sonja needs to get a handle on her consumption of the spirits. We all love the grape, but she is letting loose on another level so I am going to attribute some of the crazy to that, but I cannot excuse Aviva for her inability to “let the damn plane ride go!” Take the Ferry next time, girl!

We wake up on the last day to be greeted by a set up of massages, manicures, and pedicures. The royal treatment all arranged by Carole! I am in heaven! It is complete perfection on every level. We luxuriate and I ignore the drama. I am focusing on myself again today. And after all that pampering, Carole has organized a ride to the pier for sunset cocktails followed by Russ’ concert.

I missed this during the moment, but watching the episode with you, I realize that Aviva pays me the nicest compliment on the ride to the pier. We are discussing the Ramona situation, hers not mine, and she turns to me and says in reference to how I dealt with Ramona’s wrath, “You are a lot stronger than I am.” And, I just realized that maybe I am, and maybe I need to back off Aviva a little. Maybe I can just be that strong woman and let these ladies have their moments. And when the going gets too rough, I can always just do me again.