Heather Thomson

Heather wonders why no one could enjoy the idyllic scenery of St. Barths and explains why the double date upset her.

on Sep 10, 2012

The concert was nothing short of amazing. I am only sad you guys don't get to see it. Russ is so talented. I encourage you all to check out Russ Irwin! We arrive back at the house for our last dinner to find Sonja and Ramona doing what they love best. . .wine. LuAnn, Carole, Aviva and I sit down and basically beg those two to pull it together and come for a bite. It is our last dinner at this amazing house and despite all the ups and downs we want everyone there. After some primping and packing and overall silliness, they finally make it to the table.

We eat and then I concoct the idea to lighten the mood with a midnight, “Goodbye St. Barths” swim. So I am in first. . .followed quickly by Carole, Lu, and Aviva! Sonja. . .and let me be clear: I love this woman. . .strips down and jumps in. No one can accuse Sonja of being a party pooper that is for sure! Ramona is coming up with every reason in the book not to join in the fun so Carole and I make a plan. Carole will distract her by having her pass a drink while I go into the kitchen and wham. . .I hip check her into the big drink!! Like I said on the show, the entire trip was worth it for that moment alone! Hehe! And Ramona is a great sport. We are all like a bunch of school girls. The trip was rough and we had some highs and lows, but we ended on the highest of highs with laughter all together.

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