Heather Thomson

Heather wishes everyone wasn't so filled with excuses this week, herself included.

on Aug 20, 2012

And speaking of great days. . .I have no words for the children Aviva works with. Seeing that little boy with his new running blade prosthetics left me speechless. I cried throughout that scene. Happy tears. I get extremely moved by how bittersweet life can be. . .so beautiful. Aviva had invited me to this and we had planned that I would bring Jax along. He and Aviva have developed a special bond based on their struggles and I love it. She can talk to him about things from a place I cannot and she takes it very seriously and as a "responsibility." She loves Jax that much more for it. And I love her right back for it. Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts prevented me from attending this special day, but I loved watching it on TV along with you all. What a beautiful scene and how much do I admire Aviva for giving back the way she does. She is such an amazing role model for these little ones. Everyone is over-scheduled but this is one thing I was so very sad to miss. No excuses.

It feels like this episode was full of excuses. . .excuses for saying the wrong thing, excuses for not showing up to support a friend, excuses for not being able to travel, so many excuses! Some of them justified and others maybe not so much. We all have our reasons but wouldn’t it be nice if we didn't need them?

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Xx Heather