Heather Thomson

Heather responds to Ramona's digs and discusses making memories with her family.

on Jun 11, 2012

I admit that I sometimes do over-indulge Jax in figurines of superheros and other characters (because he is a true collector of them and he loves to play with them!), but it is my way of making up for all of the hardships that Jax has to endure every day. And, to all of the mothers who have reached out to me whose children are facing challenges, I am so happy that you have connected with us. Not knowing if your newborn is going to live to see his first birthday truly changes you as a person. You learn the hard way, that there is so much in life out of your control and that only the big things in your life are worth all the worry. I also found the belief that in life everything works out as it should, even when we don't understand why.

Doing RHONY is a journey and certainly a very unique opportunity to see yourself as others see you, and I believe it will be positive experience in many ways. I want to thank you for all for your warm feedback, constructive criticisms, and all of your Tweets!

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See you next week!
xx. Heather