Heather Thomson

Heather hopes the ladies' good deeds will help you forgive them for their fighting.

on Sep 24, 2012

This year Sam suggested that I put on a Yummie fashion show. I figured the men would love seeing the beautiful ladies in their lingerie and the women would love the product so that was a Win/Win! I decided to asked Aviva to model in my show because:

1. She lives her life bravely with a disability.
2. She is gorgeous.
3. She add another level of attention to the show and to the charity as an inspiration to others.

I was nervous that she would say no, but was thrilled that she immediately and without any hesitation agreed to do it. YAY!!
Now we had to get to work!

I had the opportunity and experience of working with Sean Combs and his fashion brand Sean John for many years where we did some of the most talked about fashion runway shows. I planned to pull from that knowledge to create a total showstopper and I also pulled together an amazing team to help me make the show a huge success. This will not be a boring run of the mill charity fashion exhibition! Not on my watch!

As you all know, I am juggling a lot of different balls right now from Yummie to family but I really needed to focus on making this event the best it can be. We talked about the magic number of $400,000 that it takes to pay for one transplant. With all of my heart, I want us to reach that goal. You will have to see how far we get next week, but in the meantime, you can log onto KellnerLiverFoundation.org to help us!!