Heather Thomson

Heather laments being stuck in the middle of the LuAnn/Italian friends debacle.

on Aug 27, 2012

The girls invited everyone they knew and saw at Le Ti to our house for a party and so we are expecting a potentially large group -- but to our surprise and Luann’s chagrin it is just Kat, (LuAnn's good friend), and Tomas who actually show up! Ugh! LuAnn is digging a hole for herself and I wish she would clue me in on her thinking because I would have made every attempt to stop her! Although we as RHONY are surrounded by a media bubble that can teach us to think the opposite, being liked is not always the most important and the truth is that even our "reality" cannot always be Photoshopped or clicked away with a mouse -- its "tale" has to be confronted. I believe in character over celebrity, in accomplishment over image, and in solving problems instead of trying to cover them up. Insomuch as LuAnn is a friend, I cannot support her confusing behavior. It has actually left me feeling extremely worried and conflicted and the only thing I can do at this juncture is to encourage her to tell the truth before Le train runs off le tracks!

Meanwhile, Sonja has decided that no matter what went down the evening before, tonight it is her turn with Tomas aka Johnny and she is making her moves! I guess Carole (from Le Ti) and Tomas have broken up!? But, for any further detail here, you are going to have to wait until next week! Also, Aviva arrives with Reid and although some in our group aren't thrilled about the testosterone invading ladies' week, we are all really happy to see her though Ramona and Sonja decide greeting her topless from the pool is the way to go -- and you won't believe what ensues from there! So definitely, tune in!

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xx. Heather