Heather Thomson

Heather shares her new-found love for Ramona and wonders which Aviva made it to St. Barths.

on Sep 4, 2012

My relationship with Carole only strengthens even from a distance. From the very first episode when I brought Carole to Sonja's townhouse, the two of us have been thrown into the mix of all the estrogen, navigating our new relationships, and through it all we found the time to connect and bond with each other on a deeper level. First of all, I am a rock ‘n’ roll fanatic and Russ is a serious rock ‘n’ roller (aka musician), who I happen to thoroughly enjoy, so does my husband -and Carole and I easily get each other on many levels. The moment that we shared on the boat together talking about the passing of her late husband Anthony was one I will never forget. We laid there on the bow in the idyllic, sunny setting with teary eyes. And we were silent. If you can be in that moment of quiet with someone and be comfortable in that silence, then you know you are true friends. Sometimes silence is all you need.

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See you next week back in St. Barth's for the final hoo-rah!!

xx Heather