Heather Thomson

Heather wonders about the reasoning behind Ramona's apology.

on Jun 18, 2012

Sitting outside in The Meatpacking District on a sunny day in New York City is top of the charts! It's hard to believe that ten years ago, when I lived in the neighborhood, it was nothing but slaughter houses, Florent Restaurant (which was open all night), and ever-so-fabulous trannies on every corner.

Today, the Meatpacking District has transformed completely and is a destination for great restaurants, great nightlife, and great shopping. The James Hotel and Jimmy's rooftop bar is another great NYC hot spot.

Watching the scene about wedding rings there got me thinking how funny it is to see such differing opinions on a man's wedding ring. I don't know of any chic woman who forgoes the band or the diamond for that matter, LOLl! But with a man, it's true that some wear a band and some don't. So Sonja and I felt that the kind of women that would hit on Reid while wearing a wedding ring is not a quality woman, whereas if he was not wearing a wedding band a woman of quality would never know he was taken and could potentially peak his interest. So we disagreed with Aviva's reasoning. I love that Jon likes and wears his wedding ring, and he does so with pride. But at the end of the day, I suppose a man needs to make his own decision whether or not jewelry feels right for him (funny enough Reid didn't mind wearing a ring). Of course, we all know that a wedding band can't stop infidelity, in the end only the person can do that.

Sonja is a whole lotta fun! She just cracks me up! She is really very funny, and I like hanging out with her socially. Her sense of humor is unequalled, and I appreciate that so much because she has not had an easy time of things the past few years. I am genuinely so happy that she's asked me for advice on her business ideas. The very prospect of helping her to build a brand that could potentially afford her some breathing room is exactly the kind of thing that gets my motor running!