Heather Thomson

Heather ponders Aviva's invites, Sonja's business, and LuAnn's attitude.

on Jul 24, 2012

Funny how much things change in a week. . .

LuAnn and Jacques' wine tasting party was a lot more fun than it looked. Jon and I brought my friend, Alexandra Elman who also produces her own wine label "Alex Elman Wines," and I learned a great deal that evening.

I for one, certainly did not see the essence taste test as a set up against Ramona. Jacques was maybe having a bit of fun teasing Ramona, but I felt the point was to promote her wine at his party and show everyone that be it an expensive white Bordeaux or a Ramona Pinot Grigio -- all good wines have layers that appeal to different senses on the palette and I learned from the experience. The best part was that Ramona excelled and proving to all that she knows her stuff and she had fun with it too. I certainly didn't see it as a mean prank and I don't know why Aviva chose to stir the pot. . .but what I do know is that I want off the Ramona-coaster! I've always said we don't have to skip down Pinot Grigio lane together, but this is silly and I just wish we could be more comfortable around each other and just keep it moving but I guess it is just going to take more time or. . .not.