Heather Thomson

Heather ponders Aviva's invites, Sonja's business, and LuAnn's attitude.

on Jul 24, 2012

I asked Sonja to meet up at my Yummie offices so James Bernard and I could present her with the graphic options we had worked up on her logo. I agreed to help Sonja create the proper architecture for her brand and to creative direct a marketing campaign that hopefully will her help her sell a ton of toaster ovens! Go Sonja! James and I have partnered on many projects and we make a strong team and I am grateful he agreed to partner with me as art director. It's feel good to lend your expertise to help out a friend and as James and I sat over coffee discussing it, we both felt excited because we know we can help her.

We needed to get started by getting feedback on the fonts we designed for Sonja's umbrella brand concept (housing both Sonja Home and Sonja in the City catering), and to possibly select one to start the process. What you don't know is that I had already given James initial direction on the project and insight into Sonja.

I purposefully told James not to research Sonja and not to go on her website right off the bat, I actually didn't want James to see what I had seen when I visited her site.
The images of Sonja with the leather gloves and the "S" and "M" burnt onto toast frankly speaking, were a bit scary and I wanted him to approach this project with an unbiased opinion and fresh eyes and to meet her in person first.

After visiting several appliance retailers, I also concluded my earliest concerns: that Sonja's toaster oven will have to stand-out on the shelf in a competitive set of credible, big name appliance companies and this means we will have to create a campaign that is driven by the marketing and not necessarily the product. I spoke to James about this and some of my earliest creative ideas for Sonja's campaign.